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Our online medicine supplying service helping lots of patient around the world to get cheaper lifesaving medicines from Bangladesh. Patients are being cured by taking our pharma companies standard quality medicines. We’re supplying medicine since 2015.

We give top priority to supply ‘WHO Model List of Essential Medicines (EML)’. Specially now we’re supplying Oncology (Anti cancer), Anti viral, Bio-tech, Liver diseases (Hepatitis B, C) and other lifesaving drugs. We follow International drugs rules and regulations to supply medicines globally. According to WTO rules and regulations, we can supply our medicine in most of the country for patient’s personal use. It’s easy to order medicine by us.

Medicine Supply For World (MSFW) has good reputation as an online medicine supplying service. Registered doctors, patients recommend our service to help other people. BBC World News reported about our online medicine supplying service on their program. These are our great achievements.

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According to WTO rules and under Patient Support Program, most country's people can get required medicine from Bangladesh for personal use. Additional details (Doctor's Prescription/ Drug Permit Paper/ Import License/ etc.) can be needed sometimes in few country's customs to release medicine parcel. We can supply small or bulk quantity lifesaving medicines (Cancer, Hepatitis C and others) by maintaining our customs activities. To order medicine, please fill up the form correctly that given below and send to us. We'll contact soon after receiving the order.

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