Testimonial (Social Medias)

Very helpful and serious Company.

I recommend it!! Secure and fast shipping.

I got the medicine in 5 days in Kosovo.

Dardan Ibish

Eco-Fresh Misting System, Kosovo

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Recebi hoje meus medicamentos no

Brasil. Excelente serviço. Obrigada! 😗😗.

Rosemary Nóbrega

Works at Sesi São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil

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Received my meds from Bangladesh today. Yippee. Now I can start to fight the nasty virus known as Hep C. What is going on the National Health in this country is truly horrific. Because the American pharmaceutical company are charging them so much for the meds.

They can only treat a limited number of people. So people in some cases are literally offered a death sentence with no world but no-one ever mentions it because of connotations with 'junkies', which is rubbish. You can pick up Hep C from any contaminated equipment.

Patricia Ingram

Eco-Fresh Misting System, Kosovo

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This company is reliable.

Ordering is easy, timely, and straight-forward

are answered promptly.

Carmen Gindi

Works at Fanshawe College, London

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Its easy to order Sofosvel from this company.

Very trustful, and competent company which cares a lot for their customer

I received my parcel in the Philippines after 7days.

Klaus Scholz

Plants and Music, Switzerland

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Very nice customer service and quick shipping

Id recommend to other people out there.

Dont hesitate to contact him and thank you for the service.

Michelle Roth

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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This is me Zoella Deville and a short film that I did with the BBC here in the UK about why I bought the treatment from Bangladesh.

This is how my journey started and the reason why I'm also very passionate about helping others that are in the same situation. If you need any advice or information please contact me here. Peace love and light.

Zoe Sharam

Social work at Devon County Council, UK

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Medicine for world in Bangladesh is a helpful organization for supplying cheap medicine around the world.

I bought for my grandma once from here.

I hope my grandma will feel better quickly..

Lim ho

????, Gifu, Japan

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I would like to express extended thank you to Medicine For World for their excellent service!.

They always replied to my emails on time,.

very patient and eager to help anyway possible so that we could received the medication to our country on time and hustle free! Highly recommended affordable and reliable service indeed! Thank you!.

Inna Suprun

Business Owner at Amway UK & Ireland

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Comprei o Sofosvel atraves de transferencia Western Union e,fui muito bem atendida.

Agradeo muito o carinho e a rapidez na entrega.

I bought the Sofosvel through Western Union transfer and I was very well attended. Thank you very much the affection and the speed in the delivery.

Alana Moreira

Goinia, Brazil

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